Tuesday, January 13, 2015


While searching for french language videos last year, I stumbled upon this futuristic cartoon trailer.  I was enthralled by its visuals. I could not take my eyes away. Recently, I was reminded of the amazing illustrations. I knew I had to share this.

The video and TV show are created by Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé of the Montreal based Steambot Studios.
I am having loss of words to describe my feelings.  Let me start by saying, if that is what the future will look like than I can't wait to see it, more like be apart of it.  Although the story line is not all sunshine and rainbows (nothing really ever is), it is an interesting and compelling idea.
Check out more about Urbance here: http://steambotstudios.com/urbance/
The visual is a major part of this colorful and vibrant cartoon.  Cartoon does not do it justice.  This "world" has a story of its own. The clothes and the fashion are a part of this amazing world.  It plays off the urban culture of today with a blend of the look of a possible future.  The zip up jackets, snap-back hats, sneakers, urban harlem pants, and low-riding shorts. This would all sound like a stereotypical urban environment, but it is the infusion with futuristic technology that makes it so cool. Technology is changing at a rate that is faster than ever before.  This could be our society in the next 40 years.  

The vivid colors adds a lasting effect.  This reminds me of the designers placing lights in clothing.  The neon trim on many of the characters clothing could be strings of lights.  I cannot wait until that becomes available on the mass market. 
How can I forget, one of the most memorable scenes, of the person that snaps their fingers to change the color of the room and their hat. Although, I hope, traditional fabrics will always exist, I hope I will see the day (or maybe I will be the creator) of fabrics that change color like in the video.
The video is well done.  The animation is wonderfully executed, the concept is glorious, and the style is sleek.  I am waiting in anticipation to see where Urbance is taken.   

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