Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Romances of Winter

As the coming months arrive, I can only brace myself for the arctic air to grace Chicago with its presence.  I cherish the excitement of knowing Halloween is on its way. Halloween should be all year round.  But, I can’t help but romanticize the snow, big fluffy coats, and red noses.
There are brief moments in life that I hope to never forget.  These images will forever be crystallized in my mind as beautiful works of art.  Similar to way Chanel’s inspirations are captured in the film, Coco Before Chanel, these moments in time have stayed frozen in my mind as the years pass.
The first time begins on a Thursday evening, as I waited for the light to change.  I sit in my favorite 1999 black Honda Civic. It was so cold that I could see faint signs of my breathing in the small space of my car and my bare hands change to a reddish state.  The winter was only in its beginning phases. I turn to look over at the historic Pickwick Theater.

Under the marquee an older gentleman stood changing the letters. His gray hair and balding scalp were exposed to the cold.  He was wearing only a navy blue jumpsuit, the same as a car repair man would be wearing. A cigarette hung from his lips as he held the stick to change the lettering.  With each breath, the thick steam came from his mouth.  I watched him before the light turned.  I was enchanted by the beautiful image that laid before me.
Somethings never change.
Another time that was just as beautiful.
I was a seasoned Amtrak rider at this point.  The train was packed primarily with students and some civilians from Milwaukee to Chicago.   I used to think of it as the Hogwarts Express.  I had become more and more excited as the train approached my stop.
The flurries of snow begin to fall as the train starts.  A thin layer of snow already covers the ground and trees creating a blur of white as the train speeds by.  The evening sky was lite up by early Christmas decorations.    
The light snow fall created a dazzling haze.  The lights from inside the train flooded out onto the platform. I waited my turn to step off the train. The cold air filled my lungs to a freeze, as I took my first step.  It felt good. The train attendee stood on the platform as the passengers filed out of the car.  The glowing light from the train hid his face. The outline of his body visible with a glowing hallow of around it.  His uniform shined bright beneath the light and black sky.  The silver badge that lay on his chest sparkled in the soft light.

It was like a scene from a movie. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

H&M "Close the Loop" Ad and Campaign

The video is, to me, is undeniably intriguing and some what inspiring.
I found the video similar to Levi's Go Forth, the laughing heart, advertisement, though they are not done by the same agency.

This could be my response and concern over this advertisement.

I will admit it, there was a time in my life where I was obsessed with H&M. But, ever since my AP Environmental Science class, I have realized the crucial role that reducing consumption plays in the three R's of recycling and to the environment. Reduce is number one, Recycle is in last place, but the world around me sees it as number one.  There are many details of recycling that can be discussed.

Getting to the point, this advertisement is ignoring the issues of fast fashion and mass consumption.
The ad is misleading.

For more reading, The Guardian released the article, "H&M's $1m recycling prize is clever but no solution to fast fashion".

I recommend the documentary, The True Cost, for those who would like to explore this topic further. I thought I understood the effects of fashion on our culture and environment, until I saw this film.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little White House

I have always admired architecture and what beautiful architecture can do for a community.  I considered going to school to be an architect, imagine that?! I have been inspired by architecture from my first trip to Barcelona.  Antoni Gaudí's work has forever made an impression on me and I will always be inspired by his livable art.  It is one thing to create art and another to live in art, this is a reason I love fashion.  
Taking inspiration from this house I have created looks to match the architecture and feel of the house.

From my dream closet:

 From my real closet:

Friday, July 17, 2015

Jewelry from New Orleans Trip

I was able to take a trip to New Orleans earlier this summer. One of the things I know I had to get were the skull head beads from the voodoo following.  As it was described to me, the skull heads keep away evil spirits.  I am very intrigued by the practice of voodoo and other religions.
I went to a store called the Artist's Market and Bead Shop by the French Market.

I got the skull head beads and the cross beads from the shop in New Orleans. The other beads came from Jo-anns.I was able to get other beads from the shop.  Down below.

Lately I have been more focused on using the beads I have collected over the years.

These beads were made by my mother with clay.

I love to wear these layered.  So, there it is.