Friday, November 21, 2014

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scott Pilgram Vs. The World

Mind-exploding (I don't think that is a phrase, yet.  I just made it one).  Awesome and epic.  I was blown away the first time I saw the movie Scott Pilgram Vs. The World.
After seeing it a few years ago,  I felt ready to embrace the inner eccentric geek that I had been oppressing to survive the normal high school grind.  No more.  The colorful images and the quirky/awesome tail gave new light to my boring afternoon.  At that time it had become a habit and a scheduled event to watch movies after school (that was a slow year for me, but also the the time that I saw some of the most impressionable movies).  This was one of those movies that made an impression on me.  I became obsessed for the next few weeks.  It is so entertaining and funny.  

In order for Scott Pilgram to date the girl of his dreams he must fight her seven evil exes.  The story is accompanied by epic fight scenes and an incredible battle of the bands. The movie looked like straight out of a comic book, which it was.  I think it was a wonderful adaptation of the comic books written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O'Malley.
Everything about it is fun.  An escape from reality, which is why I loved it so much.  There were no boundaries.  Each character was their own and had their own quarks, which made it interesting.  The quirks made the characters realistic, as pieces of people that you knew.  Scott Pilgrim finds his own strength and the fights become not for Romona, but for his own self worth.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions
The dark motives, the insidious(ooOO big words)backstabbing, and the classic love story of the angel and the demon (or denim if that is on your mind). The looks featured in this movie are classic. The posh upper east side of Manhattan, mixed with a taste of the preppy Hamptons. It is so wrong, yet so right. The evil shines through Kathryn's jewelry from Tiffany. Oh and to top the amazing costume choices, the sound track is amazing.  
I won't tell you the whole story, I guess you will just have to watch the movie.  I will say that the story is very messed up. 

I would try to describe the style in this film, but I have no words to describe it.  It is it's own style. The best way to describe it is a high class 90's chic. 

Indeed I found the perfect Koala shirt even with a sexual innuendo. 

There are just so many reasons to love this movie. Denise Wingate was the costume designer for Cruel Intentions. 

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My One True Escape: Going to the Movies

My One True Escape: At the Movies 
However you look at it Fashion influencing movies or movies in fashion,  it can be said that the two have made history together and continue to for future generations.  Let's just say I love movies (obsessed is a strong word). There are many movies I would love to write about.  Hopefully I will get to them one day.

The list could go on. From the bizarre, quirky to the serious  if it catches my attention I will watch it.