Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I absolutely love this movie, since the first time I saw it, and I was reminded of its awesomeness when I saw it this week.
Hackers became a cult classic and for obvious reasons I am obsessed with this movie.  The movie was ahead of its time in depicting and talking about hackers at the beginning of the personal computer.
It is exciting and intense, but also hilarious.
(If you have not noticed I have a strange tastes for movies) 

The designers at DOPE took inspiration from the movie.
DOPE Fall 2014 DROP

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Ziegfeld Follies

Grand performances, glamour, glitter, lace, feathers, staircases to the heavens, enormous headdresses and spectacular costumes.  The Ziegfeld Follies will leave you awestruck. Never has such a show reached the height of Ziegfeld. "A little sugar and spice and everything nice."  Sensual and glamorous in the best way. It was a derivative (less risque and more accepted form) of burlesque, but at the same time defining the "American Girl".
 May I dare say, le plus chic of its time. The alluring sets and designs left audiences in a daze.It was a dream in a reality.  The shows were also variety shows, song and dances. Many of the girls even wore point shoes. The show ran on Broadway through the beginning of the 1907-1931 century and was revitalized with film.
This information is from the PBS Documentary Broadway: The American Musical. The documentary is wonderful. The Great Ziegfeld, a film released 1936, attempted to tell the story of Florenz Ziegfeld. The clips are shown below.

The clip of Broadway: The American Musical

Trailer for The Great Ziegfeld, which went on to win an Oscar. 
 It was only the nineth movie to win best picture.  

The elaborate and beautiful costumes are shown, here, in the finale.