Thursday, June 25, 2015

New New Sewing Project

Just a few weeks ago, I finished this dress.  I am in love with this fabric.  It is a ribbed stretch knit that I found at the warehouse.  I am in love with the warm colors,  It was not as difficult to stitch on the collar as I thought.  Not bad for no pattern. 

I was inspired by this photo...

Sienna Miller wearing Celine Spring/Summer 2015

I paired it with red heels.  Because the dress is so long on me, hitting at mid-calf,  I  learned that for longer dresses and skirts it is important to wear heals to accentuate the legs.  I wore a brown leather belt around the waist and a long gold pendant. 

New Dresses on the Way...  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Latest Makeup Obsession

Obsession is a good word to describe my latest fixation on makeup.
Between watching an obscene amount of make up tutorials and reviews, trips to the Dollar Store to update my stash (*Yes, I admit I am cheap*) and frankly never leaving the house without it.

I gave in to buying the new Maybelline Nudes Blushed pallet after hearing mixed reviews.
I also picked up the Hard Candy nudes pallet.
It was quite an adventure to get these. The Maybelline Nudes pallets were almost (there was one left) sold out at the two stores I had checked. I had even checked the second store twice.

I am pretty excited about these, surprisingly enough. I got both for 17 dollars.