Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Love Fashion When You Don't have Any Money: Part 1

Well for those of you who love fashion and dressing up, but have no money, Fear Not!
Like me, between paying for college and saving for an apartment, that means no extravagant shopping sprees.
Here are some tips to still love fashion and save some moola:

Numero uno:  Who says sewing is apart of the past?  I believe that a sewing machine is a great investment for life.  For about $150, you can get a lifetime of use.

Between mending garments, sewing new clothes, and any DIY projects a sewing machine will save you money and create a lifetime's worth of cool things.  

Just in case you were not pursuaded by that.  Here are reasons why I love sewing:

  1. If you know exactly what you want, but cannot find it in the store.... BOOM.. sew it.
  2. A perfect fit, guaranteed!
  3. It has been a tradition of craftmenship going back for ages. (My grandmothers, my great-grandmother, and my mother were all superb sewers).
  4. Need a creative outlet and want the satisfaction of finishing a long project, in a world where nothing is ever truely finished, that you can show off to your friends, sewing is for you.
  5. Beautiful fabrics Galore!!
  6. Missing an essential piece something in your closet, sew it.
  7. Want to freshen up an old piece of clothing with lace or details, no problem!
  8. You will begin to really appreciate the beauty of designer quality.

Here are some very cool sewing blogs:

and my long time favorite:
Image result for threadbanger

To Be Continued............

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Christian Dior Resort 2016

Resort Season is here!  Hopefully, one day, that will mean vacations to beautiful hotels in small towns off the coast in Greece, an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean in Nice or a nice tan at Miami Beach.
The Dior show was truly inspiring.  With an interesting set of cuts and designs with a terracotta color palette, Christian Dior Resort for 2016 was sure to amaze.
Here are some of my favorite looks:

The darts on the top are very interesting
The fabric is stunning and the techture is so cool.
The details are very compelling.  I love the netting overlay.



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Knight by Earl Sweatshirt


I have loved this song from the first time I heard it. I was seduced by the song's haunting and hypnotic melody.  
I always have a vision when listening to music, usually inspired by events in my life and dreams that I have.  Although, each song has its own style and narration, which influences my visions. This is the way I have interpreted the song. This has been inspired by the events following the time I first heard this song.  Many of the images have symbolism.

o Instrumental part

  • Scene of bus bumping down the road at MU and zoom into the inside of the van.

o "Guess with a few exceptions, yeah, I'm living honest"
  • Inside the van: a close up to a young girl, the song playing in the background.

o "Except I promised my momma that I would finish college, started chasing profit
          Sorry ma, I ain't forget about it but if money evil"
  • Shot from van window of a University sign.

o "I'm hoping that you could see through all the drama and watch me get these dollars
          And my ambition burn so hot, it's like I'm bleeding lava
  • Neon colors begin to light the inside of the van and slow movement of the camera through the van, which distorts the image of those inside the van.
o "Haters be pleading me to stop but I don't even bother
          Though my approach is seeming awkward, I could see it proper
          See success and I just see the fact that I don't need a father
          Doms hotter than the drop of Harry Potter shit"

  • The van pulls over to load a group of giggling, drunk partyers. The camera takes a wide shot of the van from the van door.  The camera quickly zooms in on the girl and changes to girls perspective towards the distorted and hazy view of the students. 

o "Pedal to the metal, high-level, full throttle shit
         Still searching for a reason why niggas ain't acknowledge this
         I'm lost in an era where real shit does not exist"
  • The view begins to get hazy and the van fills with smoke. A shot will zoom out of the image of the girl looking out the window.  


o "I hate the sway of things, I'm everyday cooling it
         I'm getting blazed and laughing at the way they overdoing shit
         I'm just a old soul sticking to a newer script"
  • A view of the girl walking away from the camera in the van towards the cloud of smoke.  The scene opens up to a club of people swaying to the song.  The girl is walking through the crowd and begins to dance alone.

o "I guess I got to prove this shit, I'm truly too legit to quit"

o "I'd like to send a shout to the fathers that didn't raise us
         To every ho who hated, now unable to say much"
  • A wide shot of the girl over looking a dark Lake Michigan with clouds covering half of the sky's stars. A pan shot of the Chicago sky line.


o "To critics doing dirty with comments and nigga paid for an apartment
         Yesterday off some songs I haven't yet made up
          Black Cressida, pay up"
  • Shot of CTA El.  Shot inside the Red Line of the girl alone.  Pan camera to show the lake and skyline.

o "Bars going hard as the ashtray where I place guts
         Shouts to the eses who paid pesos to play us, riding in the barrio
         Huff and puff blowing kush in Huf clothing articles
         Kenny rolling blunts, got us stuck like a barnacle
         To the bottom of your shit, ironic cause the audios
         As nautical as ships, look momma, look momma"
  • Fade into a scene of two people, who look identical in one way or another, dancing in the subway station.
  • Fade in on to two elderly women sitting in lawn chairs smoking and drinking in the same subway station.  Their clothing and appearance is as dirty as the train station itself.

o The music stops.  The old women pull out their umbrellas.  They say, "You never know when it          will rain!"  Both crack into laughter, which echos through out the station, creating an eerie feeling.

o "Look, your product is legit, I promise, honest"
  • Zoom out on the elderly women to show the vast train station.
o "Karma got me balling up my fist
         'Til I demolish your clique, pardon the clips
         I am honestly as bomb as it gets, regardless of who talking"
  • Shot of girl sitting on stoop of boarded up and broken house.  A bright,white spotlight moves horizontally over the house and the girl's face. The girl will be wearing all red with blood dripping from her hands as she leans over.
o "I'm farming, harvesting hits, Just me and Domo and lit
         Marijuana to split between two of us
         Rocking boxes easy as warming some ramen noodles up"
  • Clear overhead shot of empty downtown streets, zoom in to see someone biking through the night.

o "So, searching for a way to state it right
         Young, black, and jaded, vision hazy strolling through the night"
  • Shot of someone running under an underpass and through tunnels.

o  Instrumental
  • Shot of empty Lake Shore Drive, zoom in on a Maserati dart down the historic highway with a clear night sky.
  • Cut to the roof of the Chicago Fashion Outlet mall. Shot of the girl standing at the edge of the roof watching the planes fly over.  The girl takes a seat, with her legs hanging over the side of the building, as the sun comes up.

  • Shot of girl entering into the same club as the beginning with a warm welcome waiting for her. 
Music ends:
  • Shot of girl getting out of University van in front of apartment. The girl steps out of the van, falling on hands and knees with abrupt stop in music and the van screeching as it speeds away.

Dream #7

Dream #7