Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Love Fashion When You Don't have Any Money: Part 1

Well for those of you who love fashion and dressing up, but have no money, Fear Not!
Like me, between paying for college and saving for an apartment, that means no extravagant shopping sprees.
Here are some tips to still love fashion and save some moola:

Numero uno:  Who says sewing is apart of the past?  I believe that a sewing machine is a great investment for life.  For about $150, you can get a lifetime of use.

Between mending garments, sewing new clothes, and any DIY projects a sewing machine will save you money and create a lifetime's worth of cool things.  

Just in case you were not pursuaded by that.  Here are reasons why I love sewing:

  1. If you know exactly what you want, but cannot find it in the store.... BOOM.. sew it.
  2. A perfect fit, guaranteed!
  3. It has been a tradition of craftmenship going back for ages. (My grandmothers, my great-grandmother, and my mother were all superb sewers).
  4. Need a creative outlet and want the satisfaction of finishing a long project, in a world where nothing is ever truely finished, that you can show off to your friends, sewing is for you.
  5. Beautiful fabrics Galore!!
  6. Missing an essential piece something in your closet, sew it.
  7. Want to freshen up an old piece of clothing with lace or details, no problem!
  8. You will begin to really appreciate the beauty of designer quality.

Here are some very cool sewing blogs:

and my long time favorite:
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To Be Continued............

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