Monday, January 19, 2015

Gwen Steffani- Cool

Although this is a divergence from the normal movie post, aren't music videos like short movies.
The music video for Gwen Steffani's Cool music video transitions between old memories and conversations with an ex and his girlfriend, as the song goes.
Clearly inspired by 50's Italy, the video transports viewers to the sunny paradise of Lake Como.  The looks are classic and chic.  Nothing says more than a pair of leopard pumps. Now, I have a strong itch to pull out my bubble gum pink pumps and my polka dot dress in the middle of this freezing winter.

After my travels to Italy 7 years ago, I have loved the Italian culture and fashion.  There is something unique and chic about Italy.  Living in Chicago has kept me connected to the Italian sensibility, but there is nothing like the real thing. From "Roman Holiday" to "A Little Romance" to "Under the Tuscan Sun".  Looking at street fashion from Milan and Rome definitely show that the Italians know something about fashion.
To end that digression, Gwen Steffani's Cool music video in my opinion definitely has a "cool" look to it. It has me lost in this retro Italian day-dream.

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