Thursday, March 10, 2016

Studying the Motions 3: Zimmermann

Love for the Zimmermanns
I think Australia has just gotten on my must go to places.  This aussie dou behind the Zimmermann collections may not be creating science infused super clothes, but they are blowing my mind.  Its fun fashion that's wearable.  Their clothes are "out-there", but in a sugar sweet way.  I am amazed by the attention to detail and beautiful execution.

Starting with Spring 2016 collection,  the Zimmermanns made an interesting and amusing comment about their inspirations for the spring line.  In an interview with Nick Remsen, at Vogue, Nicky Zimmermann stated, "I love the idea of an underlying naughtiness with these classic fabrications,"  (  Her inspiration comes from Victorian fashion.


The back is laced up, like a corset, from the top of the shoulder to mid-back

The craftsmanship and fabrication continues to amaze me.  Can they please tell me where they get their fabric from!  There is also a great diversity of fabrics, while still staying in the same theme.  I love a designer that can tell a story, with out even saying a word. 

Fall/Winter 2016

Please watch the video, the photos do not do justice.

I have no words.  The clothes are so funky and different.  They are a little crazy, but in a refreshing way.    

Past Shows:
Zimmermanns kine eye for fabrics can be seen in their old shows, but there has been a clear change. They have done a wonderful job diversifying their collection and strengthening of story telling ability.  Though, they have always made beautiful clothes.

Spring/ Summer 2010,9583

Spring/ Summer 2013

Spring/ Summer 2011,13855?adkit_ref=/fashion/fashionShows/australian

Fall/Winter 2014/15

The craftsmanship is unbelievably beautiful. I love that blue.  This collection is the toughest that I have seen from them, but just goes to show they can do anything.

Resort 2015

Resort 2016

Oh, did I mention...Beyonce

Beyonc√© - Formation (Top is Zimmermann)

I have a feeling these ladies will be around for a while.

More about Zimmermann:,89

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