Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On one Monday Morning

Once upon a Monday morning, there was a girl in quite a pickle.  With nothing to wear and little time to spear. What would the girl wear? She looked and looked, trying every possible combination. The girl knew she wanted to wear something cute to put on her blog, but what could it be.  Five grueling minutes later, the young girl decided to put on the new dress she has so hoped to wear. With a pair of jeans and a sweater to pair, it was a perfect combo for the cold winter air. A swipe of purple eye shadow, and a bun atop her head, she was ready to take on school and the horrible Monday blues.

The sweater, a steal from my mother's closet, who I love so dear, the green dress, made from Lyocell, tree fibers, bought from my favorite AllSaints, blue jeans of the Ashby variety, also from AllSaints, and Toms boots, because I did not feel like wearing ugly snow boots.

I though I would try something new today. I hope you like it.

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