Wednesday, September 16, 2015

H&M "Close the Loop" Ad and Campaign

The video is, to me, is undeniably intriguing and some what inspiring.
I found the video similar to Levi's Go Forth, the laughing heart, advertisement, though they are not done by the same agency.

This could be my response and concern over this advertisement.

I will admit it, there was a time in my life where I was obsessed with H&M. But, ever since my AP Environmental Science class, I have realized the crucial role that reducing consumption plays in the three R's of recycling and to the environment. Reduce is number one, Recycle is in last place, but the world around me sees it as number one.  There are many details of recycling that can be discussed.

Getting to the point, this advertisement is ignoring the issues of fast fashion and mass consumption.
The ad is misleading.

For more reading, The Guardian released the article, "H&M's $1m recycling prize is clever but no solution to fast fashion".

I recommend the documentary, The True Cost, for those who would like to explore this topic further. I thought I understood the effects of fashion on our culture and environment, until I saw this film.

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